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Title:Priebsch-Closs Collection
Description:Based on the joint personal collections of Professor Robert Priebsch (1866-1935) and his son-in-law Professor August Closs (1898-1990), the collection came to the Institute of Germanic Studies over a number of years through donations, purchase and bequest, and includes many rare and valuable (some unique) items. It covers German language and literature from their beginnings to the present, in editions dating from the late fifteenth century onwards, but its core is the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, i.e. the German Classical and Romantic periods. All major figures are included but particular strengths include: German drama 1750-1820 (including many adaptations from English and French); early English translations of German authors, notably Klopstock, Gessner, Goethe, Schiller and Lessing, and especially of drama 1780-1820; German translations of English authors, especially Shakespeare; editions and translations of Goethe's "Faust"; editions, translations and parodies of Goethe's "Leiden des jungen Werther"; literary journals; early editions of Middle High German authors. Non-literary works on language (especially dictionaries), travel, philosophy, and aesthetics are also held. Twentieth-century holdings include an outstanding collection of books and pamphlets from the exile period (1933-1945), principally published in Britain but with examples from all over the world. All areas of the Priebsch-Closs Collection are complemented and supplemented by substantial holdings of primary and secondary literature, including journals, in the open-access collections of the Institute of Germanic and Romance Studies Library.
Physical Extent:c.5,000 volumes of books and pamphlets.
Catalogue Information:Accessible online via SASCAT.
Accrual Status:Rare and valuable items from whatever source are regularly added, as are appropriate titles from the Institute's open-access collections.
Note:Special Collections at the Institute of Germanic and Romance Studies Library. See also: William Abbey, ‘Closs books in the Institute of Germanic Studies’, “German Studies Library Group Newsletter”, no. 11 (1992), pp. 3-5. John L. Flood, ‘Ein Almanach auf das Jahr 1492 mit einer Übersicht über die Augsburger Kalenderproduktion des 15. Jahrhunderts’, “Gutenberg-Jahrbuch”, (1992), pp. 62-7. John L. Flood, ‘The Institute of Germanic Studies and its Library: a brief account of their origin and their first forty years. With an appendix: Incunabula in the Priebsch-Closs Collection of the University of London Institute of Germanic Studies’, in “London German Studies IV”, edited by R. A. Wisbey (London: University of London Institute of Germanic Studies, 1992), pp. 269-283.
Strength:Of international significance.
Start Date:1475
End Date:present
Holding Institution:Institute of Germanic and Romance Studies Library, University of London Research Library Services
Access Information:Opening hours, admission information and libray contact details available via the Library homepage.
Postal Address:The Library, Institute of Germanic and Romance Studies, 29 Russell Square, London
Postcode:WC1B 5DP
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